Freeman's Heritage: Lexington's First African American School

Freeman's Heritage
Don't Know...

Clearly, this is just the beginning of research into this early stage of freedom for the African Americans in this community, but already, some very important questions have surfaced:

1) Where did the first teacher, Miss M. E. Parker, come from? and of even greater interest, where did she go?

2) Are there any records of the students who attended this first school in the German M. E. Church?

3) Who was Mrs. McFarland? (Miss Parker's assistant)

4) Are there any records of the German M. E. Church during the period between 1856 and 1939?

5) Are there any pictures of the first church? (The surviving church was built in 1879 after the original structure accidentally burned in 1878)

If you have any information that would be helpful in the documentation of this period of transition for the Negro and White Members of this area of Missouri, please contact us. We would be very greatful to hear from you.